Sybrin’s EFT Solution is designed to support a bank's customer base through streamlining the electronic payments process by offering all the tools necessary to centralise transaction processing and STP through a single source centralised EFT processing unit.

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Sybrin's image based Centralised Cheque Solution is a proven, robust and flexible software solution for high-speed document imaging and transaction processing applications. Sybrin incorporates all the essential components of a transaction processing system.

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Sybrin is committed to developing a partnership with our customers, so that they can rely on us to provide far more than just leading software solutions.

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7TH OF JULY 2015

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Sybrin has been successfully integrated into many widely used industry standard front office, back office, ACH and host banking solutions.


Sybrin's user interface is designed to promote ease of use through the application of modern design principles incorporating flat colours and large buttons.


Our modular and scalable solutions support thousands of users, terabytes of storage, and millions of transactions per day while providing sub-second response times.


Sybrin’s open software architecture is database, platform and hardware independent. We build solutions that are flexible enough to run in current and future environments.


Our solutions are Check 21, ANSI and ISO standard compliant. We conform to ISO8583, ISO20022, ISO/IEC25010 and ANSI x9.37 / x9.100.

As part of the Barclays Africa's Paperless roll-out, Barclays Botswana went live in September 2014 with Sybrin's solution. This further expands the reach of our innovative Paperless Solution, which has already been successfully implemented in other Barclays countries, including Tanzania. The solution is already paying dividends by helping Barclays cut down on paper costs, improve security, and speed up transaction processing significantly. >

On the 6th of February 2015 both Barclays and BancABC went live with T+1 and Truncation, with regards to cheque payments, as part of a country-wide roll out by the Botswana Interbank Settlement System. Sybrin has played a major role in achieving this milestone with our Cheque Solution and Clearing House Interface playing host to the new truncation system, and ensuring that cheque payments continue to be used uninterrupted, whilst adhering to the Bank of Botswana's Truncation policies. >

NBC Tanzania, in keeping with their motto of convenience, successfully rolled out the second phase of their Paperless Solution as well as switched over to their new cheque truncation system in April 2015. Sybrin's state-of-the art Paperless Front Office system, as well as our Cheque Truncation solution, are the driving force behind these systems, which have been previously received extremely well by our clients in other countries. The Paperless initiative can help cut down the costs associated with serving customers greatly and can also reduce transaction turnaround times. >

Barclays Kenya and Barclays Ghana are gearing up for the official launch of Sybrin’s Paperless Front Office solutions in April and June 2015 respectively. The launch forms part of Barclays’ paperless strategy which involves simplifying their retail banking operations by improving the experience of customers transacting at the branch. On average Paperless Front Office solutions can allow customers to complete their teller banking transactions in less than three minutes with no manually filled-in slips required for cash and cheque deposits, cash withdrawals, and encashments. >

Remote Account Opening (RAO) is an Imaging and Workflow solution that Sybrin, together with a host banking system, have developed allowing banks to remotely onboard customers with the help of an iPad. A Banker can visit a customer at his place of work and open an account by taking pictures of the customer’s documentation and recording all necessary details. This is done using the iPad’s mobile network or available WIFI. Thus far we have deployed this solution to five African countries and three more will be rolled out in the next six months. In 2014 Botswana was the first country to receive and experience this new solution, thereafter Ghana, Zambia and Mauritius in November 2014. This year Kenya has gone live and Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania will soon follow suit.


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