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We are a leading global provider of solutions for the financial services, insurance, and telecommunications industries. Everything we deliver is based on our specialist knowledge of complex solutions complemented by 30+ years of industry experience.

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We have provided solutions across Africa, the United Kingdom, and into the Middle East, servicing these solutions from our strategically located international offices. Sybrin remains united in our mission and focused on our commitment to customers. Our corporate governance is well-rounded and balanced through our breadth of global perspective and executive experience.

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1K1V and Crossfin Consortium.

Sybrin was acquired by the 1K1V and Crossfin Consortium in 2020. This enabled significant additional leverage and valuable insight into the South African, African, and U.S. markets, providing a bridge between the two continents with tremendous opportunities that will open economic opportunities for cross-border collaboration and technological innovation.

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The Facts Speak for Themselves.

We've been around since before the term 'FinTech' was even coined. As pioneers in the industry, we have provided solutions to our customers in various regions to comply with various regulatory requirements. Our team of seasoned experts are ready to assist you on your digital transformation journey.

Clearing and Payments


Sybrin was established in 1991. We have more than three decades worth of experience in the provision of bespoke solutions in the payment and information management industries.


Sybrin has over 300 employees, and we are steadily growing our team with staff who are dedicated, resourceful, and passionate about their work.


Sybrin has experienced a consistent growth rate of over 20% year-on-year. We are expanding rapidly to best serve our growing customer base in and around Africa.


Our payments centralisation solution is implemented across 9 countries for digital payments processing.


1st Truncation solution in Africa, 3rd in the world.


We have sold more than 800 systems across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.


Our solutions are currently deployed in 20 countries worldwide and we are actively expanding into new territories.


100+ Customers worldwide.


Installed Solutions Breakdown: 50% Cheque and EFT, 40% Document Management, Imaging & Workflow, 5% ACH Systems, 5% Others.

our leaders

We have the right people for the job! Our leaders have a combined experience of more than two centuries between them - across Africa and various other regions.

our purpose

To bring about positive change, to both our customers and ourselves, by investing our passion in creating innovative solutions giving rise to growth, reliability, and shared prosperity.

our vision

To provide a globally recognised platform, and an app store that enables digital transformation in any industry giving our customers the control, insight, and agility for a competitive advantage.

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