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With today’s disruptive technologies accelerating the pace for digital transformation, customers’ expectations are heavily influenced and constantly evolving, demanding effortless interactions anytime, anywhere. Sybrin is focused on enabling you to excite your customers by modernising business operating models using our user-centric solutions to exceed your customers’ expectations. Through our innovative use of new technologies, we can give you the edge to disrupt the market. Get ready to Digitise, Innovate, and Disrupt!

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Statistically Speaking

As an industry leader we’ve helped clients just like you achieve greatness through exciting their customers, enabling their business teams, and empowering their DevOps. In the realms of Banking, Financial Services, Customer Acquisition, and more our solutions have proven to be innovative, cutting-edge, and reliable. The stats speak for themselves.

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"Sybrin Systems' service and support has always been commendable and we have not experienced any difficulties in obtaining the adequate support as and when required. Sybrin's exemplary support can be attributed to their experienced team, their level of expertise with the aforementioned solution, their commitment to working hard in order to achieve the desired outcomes, and the customisable nature of their solutions."

Fidelis M. Muia
Director: Technical Services


"The support we have received from Sybrin's Kenyan office has been dependable and consistent.

Paul M. Tikani
Head of Operations


"Our working relationship with Sybrin has been remarkable throughout the years and as a customer we are very happy with their services and support."

Fanuel J Kumdana
Executive Director


"Sybrin's commitment to delivering on the BANKSERV project objectives was exemplary."

Chris Nolte
Divisional Manager: Operations and Infrastructure