Sybrin Academy

The Sybrin Academy empowers your business through developing and enabling human potential – staying true to our motto “Evolving learning and enabling people, processes, and technology.”

Our experienced training specialists are skilled at designing effective material to ensure that your employees, processes, and technology converge effectively to add value to your business. Depending on your preferred learning style, this niche training can be delivered either in a standard classroom format, or as a customised workshop.

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Our Methodology

The key to long-term success in a new software solution environment is knowledge. Upon installation of a new software solution in your organisation, the Sybrin Academy tailors a programme that uniquely fits your staff’s experience level and your environment, to ensure that they are ready to master the new system.

our Courses

System Administration and Technical Training

Due to modern corporates relying on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems, the Sybrin System Administration certification is essential to provide your team of administrators with the hands-on experience they need to manage your system in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the continued high performance of our solution.

Sysadmin fact: All automatically generated reports depend on system administrators to keep the scripts running.
Specific Solution Training

This training option is suitable for organisations that need a specialised and customised training solution focused on specific business requirements. This option provides tailored training to match your organisation’s training preferences and unique Sybrin solution. Your training material will contain your organisation’s process flows and branding. Lab exercises can also be incorporated, and will take place in a sandbox environment that simulates the organisation’s real-time environment. Our team will collaborate with your team to define the scope, content, duration and timing to ensure the best possible outcome and to meet your organisations objectives, policies, and procedures.

Specific Solution Training Fact: Our courses are specifically designed to ensure your teams are well acquainted with your new solutions, to minimise user error.
Oracle Training
Oracle Platinum Partner

Sybrin is owned by EOH; and all our training will run through EOH Intellient, part of the EOH Oracle Services division of EOH Holdings.

EOH key certifications include:

  • Oracle Platinum Partner.
  • Oracle preferred implementation partner of Hyperion and Oracle BI Software.
  • Oracle training partner on behalf of Oracle.

Training Types

Public Event
This classroom training option enables learners to engage in face-to-face interaction with instructors and other students in a typical classroom setting. We provide environments that promote effective in-class instruction as well as technically realistic laboratory exercises. These courses are open to anyone and a schedule is available on our website. This format caters from a minimum of five to a maximum of ten delegates.

Private Event
This option is ideal if you have a bigger group that needs training. Private events are flexible and cost-effective if you have more than five delegates to upskill on a specific course.

Live Virtual Classroom Training
This remote classroom option offers the benefits of classroom training, with the added advantage of remote access. Students will have the benefits of asking questions and receiving real-time answers from the instructor, and will still have access to the hands-on lab exercises. The LVC courses are available as a public course and the schedule is available on request.

Training on demand
Students will access training via an eLearning platform. No practical hands-on labs are included in this training, and students will have access to the training material for 90 days.

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Oracle fact: Oracle has more than 430 000 customers in 175 countries, proving its usability and usefulness in the modern corporate environment.
Business Concepts Training

These courses focus on enabling your business users to understand the business flows, benefits, and best practices related to specific domains within your business. Examples include Payment Flows, Business Process Management (BPM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Our unique business concept training boot camps, developed using industry standards, consist of group activities and Use Case work, and continually assess the progress of attendees. The aim is to upskill attendees, covering both technical and non-technical aspects of business concepts, and ensure that there are continued professional and skills developments into the future.

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BPM fact: BPM has been demonstrated by companies to deliver double-digit improvements in measures such as margin, capacity, resource utilisation, and capital utilisation.
Sybrin Enterprise Studio Training

This course will enable your team to use the Sybrin Enterprise Suite to build, create, and/or configure solutions including Case Management (BPM) solutions, Document Management solutions, Payment Processing solutions, Central Bank Clearing solutions, Front Office solutions, and Corporate Portals. It also provides practical exercises that enable users to create, customise, and deliver automated processes within Sybrin Enterprise Suite. This enables users to make use of the vast selection of functionalities and features available.

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Enterprise Suite Training fact: Our courses are adaptable, meaning that different levels of abilities and skill sets are taken into account during the customisation of your course.

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