An Offer We Couldn't Refuse

Recently Sybrin Systems was offered a unique opportunity to participate in Microsoft’s Partnership program. With just a few guidelines our marketing team was tasked with creating our first print ad, along with a case study regarding one of our largest clients.

blog 20 July 2012

Generally speaking print media isn’t an area in which many software companies in our field operate, but we grabbed the bull by the horns on this one and within a day we had a working draft. As we’ve never used this medium before we had to not only come up with an ad, but standards for how we would advertise in this format in the future. Many IT and development companies go for the standard look: Cool photo, vague slogan, nothing exciting or fun.

When it came time to brainstorm about the content of the ad we were asked to emphasise our products and how they can help our clients. Rather cheekily we wanted to add an edge. Something special that would grab the attention of readers who may be glazed over from the usual, dreary, ads they’re used to seeing in professional publications. We had a lightbulb moment at the same time while running through images at our disposal.

“Let’s be direct,” we thought. Advertising, especially in the print media is about direct communication. The same kind of direct communication we’re lucky to have as we have direct access to both our sales team and developers. It’s rare that those who write and market products in an organisation have the benefit of such close and open access to the people who create and sell those products.

We found the most amazing image of a professional looking gentleman signing cheques with his ledger open. As good as the photo was we needed to make a few changes to generate more impact. By highlighting areas of the image where our products could improve client business and automate many of the functions still commonly in practice in African banking systems accompanied with a somewhat humorous image of our professional gentleman we think we’ve set a standard for how Sybrin will continue to advertise its products in future. A less severe approach, a sense of humour and an understanding of exactly where our products fit into your workflow and how they can revolutionise how your business operates.

Take a look at our effort and let us know what you think of our ad compared to that of other software and financial companies. Your feedback is always welcome and we look forward to hearing how we can better tailor our services to you.

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