The Bartering System
A Resurgence Of Sorts?

Surprisingly enough, the bartering system is still sticking around today in one form or another, and is in fact proving to become more common during tough economic times.

blog 15 June 2012

Even more interesting is the growing number of “Exchange Markets” worldwide that abolish the idea of money in any form completely. At these gatherings, participants bring items they do not need and exchange them for the unwanted goods of other visitors. Swapping among three parties often helps satisfy tastes when trying to get around the rule that money is not allowed.

According to Wikipedia it is estimated that over 450,000 businesses in the United States were involved in barter exchange activities in 2010, and there are approximately 400 commercial and corporate barter companies serving all parts of the world.

The bartering system also complements the environmental movement that has gained traction in recent times, since there are no manufacturing costs involved when existing items are exchanged instead of bought new. A global market for barter lessens waste and acts as a counterpoint to the disposable economy.

Historically, the Bartering System has some disadvantages which make it a novelty payment system at best. Some of the most significant drawbacks include:

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