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Technology has been a strong obsession for over a decade. It is advancing in practically every area of life; medical fields, artificial intelligence and in Sybrin’s case, software development to enhance financial systems, to name a few.

blog 31 July 2013

All of these developments have resulted in making our world more efficient, more comfortable and oh-so intricately connected. In this modern day, monstrous (albeit rather shaky at times), machine of a capitalist system, tech companies are the new globally recognized lords!

Time’s Technology and Media recently celebrated some of the top innovators in technology. The companies mentioned include Googleand Apple (of course!). However among the lords resides a variety of influential minds, who have all assisted in altering the core of global social structures. To elaborate on this point, we look at Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks who took part in breaking down the hierarchy of information and introducing a new class of journalists. Another important name is that of Chris Anderson, formerly ofWired Magazine who has helped to ‘democratise the means of production’.

The archaic era that existed ‘before,’ is visibly different to our modern existence in terms of our work force. The ever increasing presence of women in the tech industry is undeniable. Women have occupied various spaces in the industry, like analysing the effects that these changes have on the population. For example, danah boyd is a social media research assistant and culture and communications professor who is the go-to-expert on how young people create new forms of identity through use of internet.

Social media such a Facebook, has created a visible online community where Cyber-Bullying may occur. Susan Crawford is the authoritative voice who takes on major players in industries who have deep pockets and powerful influence, to ensure fair business practices. She aims to maintain fair play between the lords and the rest of the nation.

On another note, an inspiring example of long term investments and keeping to what you know, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft is proof that specialising in products can allow you to maintain a monopoly over the market. In this ever fluctuating economy, the tech industry is the spear head of change where anything is possible! Invest in an idea or take a chance, you may end up on this list one day.

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