Sybrin Might Be Blue, but
We're Green at heart!

Some companies claim to be environmentally friendly but often don’t follow through with those claims. We believe that this is partly because sometimes we forget or don’t understand why. People often advertise their “green” products or the fact that they help support an initiative by recycling, but very few discuss or ask: Why should we be eco-friendly?

blog 5 June 2012

Sybrin understands the impact we have on the environment as human beings and as a company and we are trying to reduce our ecological footprint.

Your ecological footprint is the amount of land and sea you as a human use to sustain yourself. It includes your carbon footprint but also goes well above and beyond that. Your carbon footprint is the amount in kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the environment indirectly or directly by a person, event or organization.

Presently, many companies are undertaking “Go-Green Campaigns”. While it may be true that there are those who simply use the terminology as a sales pitch to gain consumer trust or admiration, we are more than happy that most companies are finally realising that there is no other choice but to join these extremely important initiatives.

We at Sybrin are looking into everything we can do to possibly reduce our environmental footprint. As a company we have embarked on a campaign to go greener than we are with our first small step being our internal recycling campaign. We separate all of our litter with our dustbin facilities clearly marked, and recycle the waste responsibly. Furthermore, we encourage staff and our clients to work electronically to limit paper usage.

If you are worried about the impact that your banking practices have on the environment, there are many ways in which to improve your money management:

Online Banking

Switching to online banking can be one of the best moves that you can make to reduce the environmental impact of your banking. Think of how many bank statements and receipts are unnecessarily created by old-fashioned bank practices. By using online banking and setting options to view your bank statements on-line or by email, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save a few trees.

Green Mortgages

Some banks will offer the option of a green mortgage which will allow home buyers to add an additional 15% of the price of the house onto the loan for eco-friendly upgrades such as solar panels and LED lighting. It may seem like an expensive option at the time but in the long run it will save you lots of money.

Green Credit Cards

This type of credit card works by allowing cardholders to earn reward points and then redeem them in the form of contributions to their favourite ecological charity. This means that every time you spend money you could also be giving back to a charity which protects the environment.

These are just a few options that we all can contribute to helping our environment one step at a time.

Follow us to see our progress in supporting and joining some awesome initiatives, this is going to be exciting.

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