Low-Code Platform

The Sybrin Digital Business Platform is a single unified low-code platform used to model, build, deploy, change, and manage process applications. Our platform helps you to fast track your digital transformation journey by connecting people, processes, information, and applications to rapidly build engaging digital customer- and user- experiences.

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How our platform helps you

Build Apps Rapidly

Agile development at its fastest. Our low-code framework enables you to build powerful enterprise applications quickly. The platform makes use of graphical models and prebuilt application components so that users can visually construct complex applications quickly. This rapid build technology was developed for agile project teams, enabling digital transformation, as Business and IT easily collaborate to quickly develop engaging apps that challenge new operating models and support innovation.

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Stunning UI/UX

Stunning user experience every time. Create a stunning user experience that performs beautifully on any device without writing lines of code. Build prototype UIs quickly with drag and drop simplicity or prebuilt template screens.

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Powerful workflow engine

Sybrin’s workflow engine makes digital process automation a reality. With our workflow modeller you can map out, simulate, and automate process flows end-to-end, without the need for custom code. It allows a user to build workflows visually and easily add decisions and business rules. Our workflow modeller follows the industry standard BPMN 2.0. The powerful workflow engine is used to automate processes and coordinate tasks between people and systems with the ultimate goal of improving organisational efficiency.

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Built For Change

Agile at its best - Enabling rapid digital transformation - Continuous delivery with built-in DevOps

In order to support the agile, it is imperative that a platform can support change. The Sybrin platform supports immediate change and easy deployment from staging area to production with literally zero downtime. The Sybrin platform is engineered for the complexity of multiple apps across a global enterprise.

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Analytics that matter

Ensure that your apps and operations are always running at optimal performance. Sybrin's Platform provides real-time reports and dashboards into app and operations performance. Alerts can be set up to ensure that the application is always running optimally.

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Content-Centric Apps

Sybrin’s powerful content management service allows citizen and pro developers to rapidly build apps that require document management, document generation, intelligent document recognition, document capture, or biometric content management.

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