Our Service Delivery Mission

We are dedicated to building our relationship with you during your digital transformation journey. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your brand new Sybrin solution!

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Your Service Delivery Champions

  • Berneché Hawkins

    Berneché Roberts
    Service Manager

  • Wikus Swanepoel

    Wikus Swanepoel
    Service Manager

  • Stephen Mulenga

    Stephen Mulenga
    Zambia Service Manager

  • Edinam Konu

    Edinam Konu
    Ghana Country Manager

  • Chamoné Boshoff

    Chamoné Boshoff
    Service Champion

  • Khensani Maswanganye

    Khensani Maswanganye
    Service Champion

  • Ulrich Schoombie

    Ulrich Schoombie
    Service Champion

  • Natasha Ndebele

    Natasha Ndebele
    Service Champion

  • Augustine Kaboto

    Augustine Kaboto
    Service Champion

  • Sharon Dube

    Sharon Dube
    Service Champion

our pledge to you

As your Service Delivery Champions, we promise to:

Be your representative at Sybrin, with your best interests in mind.

Take ownership of your service delivery and follow up on your behalf.

Listen with the intent to understand your business and its service needs.

Communicate clearly, courteously, and with transparency at all times.

Build a relationship on the foundation of respect, honesty, and trust.

Improve service by reviewing and refining engagement processes.

Manage risk through monitoring and quick restoration times.

Always be consistent and dependable in our dealings with you.