Sybrin’s image-based Centralised Cheque Solution is a proven, robust and flexible software solution for high-speed documentation imaging and transaction processing applications. Sybrin incorporates all the essential components of a transaction processing system.


Cheques are used around the world in large quantities, and despite the move towards a cashless society, the prominent role of cheques as a voucher-based payment system is undeniable. To this end, Sybrin has developed three cheque processing and clearing solutions, and deployed them internationally, each with a selection of benefits to suit your needs.

These methodologies, known as Full Truncation, Back-Office Truncation and Centralised Processing respectively, are all successful cheque processing systems which encompass a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, improving efficiency and reducing the cost-per-item processed. The included image-based archive and query system provides a platform for quick item lookups and transaction history retrieval.

Day 2 and Mobile Security
Day 2 verification is an important feature due to the risk of fraud. Day 2 assists with fraud detection, technical verification, authentication, account queries and payment decisions. When used together with Sybrin's Notification Gateway, cheque payments can be authorised on the fly by customers themselves, using their smartphones to verify captured cheque images and accompanying transactions in a truncated environment.
Simple,automated Cheque Book Ordering
Sybrin Cheque Book Ordering (CBO) module is closely integrated into the notification engine and allows for the automated ordering and issuing of cheque books for customers, as well as maintenance of existing cheque books and serial number ranges loaded onto the system. Furthermore, printers can automatically be notified when new cheque books are due to be ordered, while the customer gets notified about collection dates.
Comprehensive hardware support
Sybrin differentiates itself from competitors by ensuring that banks are given a myriad of options when it comes to hardware. The Cheque Truncation solution supports numerous transports and scanners including Burroughs, NCR, Seac Banche, Digital Check, Panini and Buic, to name a few. Their benefits will depend on considerations such as features required, volumes processed, price, and availability of local support.

Sybrin is 1 of 17 cheque truncation solution providers worldwide



Sybrin’s Front Office functions as an interface for banking institutions, through the incorporation of multiple technologies, to provide a single solution for all teller functions.


The Corporate-to-Bank smart client is a cost effective solution allowing corporates to control, perform, track, and reconcile bulk credit and debit payments through an intuitive web client.


Sybrin's Identity Verification System (IVS) is a signature and mandate management product which gives financial institutions the ability to digitise signatures and mandates.